Finding My Peace

It is a vital part of life to remember how important you are, how strong you are, how smart you are. I am good at expressing words that make me feel content with myself. I say words like; I have a strong will to learn, to survive, and I have been able to overcome all obstacles thus far. I speak highly of myself. However, I do not treat myself with the same respect. I give all of my love to everyone around me. I give it away, and forget to leave some inside for myself. I recently have learned the importance to “Love yourself.” The only way to feel peace or happiness is if I feel it inside my core. Joy shouldn’t be because I got an A+ on a paper, or that boy I like finally said hello. Joy should be something that I wake up and feel every day…



So that is what I want for myself, to be able to wake up every morning at peace, happy to have breakfast alone because I am mentally aware of my happiness and intentionally living out every day to improve myself. I need to start doing activities that will bring me peace regardless of how those around me feel. It is important to put yourself first sometimes. Those that truly love and support me won’t have problems with me indulging in something I love to do. I should only aim to please myself now because at the end of the night I sleep in this bed by myself… and with Max. Therefore, the two of us are my biggest priorities.

For starters, it would be important to start actively doing things that bring me absolute, pure happiness. If you are struggling with finding an inner peace (like me) than you should write a few action steps down. These steps should be activities that you can do, that make you feel completely at ease and then you must act on them. Think of what makes you really happy and do those things whenever you feel that you aren’t being kind to yourself. Moving forward I plan to continually indulge in the activities that bring me happiness.


The things that bring me pure joy are:
– creating a new and delicious meal
– posting a blog
– watching guests sincerely enjoy their time at an event I have planned
– being recognized for hard work that I spent hours on
– finding new and beautiful views to relax and spend time with myself



It is time to take control and live a “Pura Vida” (Pure Life). I am ready to feel a sense of calmness from within, and to do that I must continue to have a clean home and eventually a clean heart so that I can care for myself in ways that I have been neglecting before. I am beautiful, strong and if I wanted to walk on water I truly believe that I could. I hope that eventually we all can wake up one morning, completely at peace.


P.S. This is Max, incase you haven’t met him yet. His full name is Maxwell Taylor Gill.

Max again


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