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Home For The Holidays

I was able to come back to Florida for the holidays, and I spent some desperately needed quality time with my family.

Have you met my family?

If you haven’t shared a meal with my dad and his brothers then you are missing out, because not a moment goes by when I am not cramping from laughter. My family brings me such joy. The light that they bring into a room; the way we all feed off one another’s makes me thankful to be raised with them in my corner.

My roots and values have always been the same. I was raised in a stable Christian home. I never questioned once whether my parents loved me or each other. In fact, the reason I am turning into the woman I am today is because I have parents that taught me to be respect your peers and work hard for what you want. My family gave me more than the newest pair of Hollister jeans. They gave me the skills and knowledge to become a great human being. They taught me that the harder I worked the more satisfying the outcome, so I decided to work hard. I turn to risky situations and face them with no fear at all, because I know in my heart that I always have my family to come back to if I fail. BUT I won’t fail because my family believes in me. My mother may have taken some time to warm up to the idea of me living a whole time difference away but she has always supported me, even if it meant me leaving home.

I want to reach the highest level of success for the people that love me because if it wasn’t without their love I would have no idea I was even worth knowing. My family makes this journey worth it. My parents have done everything they can to help me be the best version of myself, even on the days when I wasn’t worthy, they still gave me their all. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t fill with gratitude toward my loved ones. One day I hope to be able to provide them with anything they want because they are the ones that deserve all the glory and all the credit.

I hope you reflect back on your time with your family this past month and feel grateful and happy. Many people would pay to see you hit rock bottom, but your family, they are the ones who will do anything to see you get to the top.

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