Mother Nature’s Lesson on Love

Yesterday I was blessed with another moment from Mother Nature.

It was Sunday and I had the day off, so naturally I wanted to do something great. Sunday’s ARE my favorite day of the week. I woke up early and climbed to the top of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO. The sun was beating on my face, the weather was as beautiful as the views. I was enjoying my day. When I got to the top I saw the immense beauty that Mother Nature had given me and all my fears seemed to melt away, my heart was open.

This world is portrayed as such a hateful and stressful place. I think it is hard for us to open ourselves up to the moments that bring us intense happiness because we fear something will go wrong. I am afraid of a few things, but my biggest fear right now is completely giving someone all of my love. I am afraid to love someone. Especially if they choose not to love me back, because my heart is so big and I tend to lose myself. I have lost myself before and I don’t want that to happen again. I reflected on the immensity of Mother Nature’s love and it made me realize that I should be more open about my love too. It amazes me how I have lived a life without seeing or experience the beauty this world has to offer me. Mother Nature gave me a new perspective on life today.

Have you ever been so afraid of something that it started taking over your mental state of mind? When I say that I was scared of giving myself to someone I mean that, it has literally given me anxiety trying to deal with the ‘feels’. But I was not put on this earth to bottle up my thoughts or sit and let the world happen to me. We are put on this earth to experience all of its frightening yet beautiful moments.

There was something freeing in admitting that there is something else out there that I have to face, whether it is something I fear or something I love. Although love is what I fear. I sat at the top of this mountain, taking in the lesson that she was teaching me. Love. It is overwhelming. Endless. I feel grateful to have a heart and mind so open that I can accept these moments. Every time I step closer to overcoming a personal fear the world opens up another passageway to more possibilities. My world opens, I feel free, and capable of anything. That is how I felt. I sat at the top soaking in the 360 degree views of mountain range with tears of joy because this world is so damn big, overwhelming and beautiful. I love this earth and the people that were put in my path. Great personal joy comes from stepping closer to my fears, taking those risks and admitting to what my physical body is rejecting and what my soul needs.


IMG_2076  IMG_2067.JPG
Your body is just the outer shell. Reflect on what is inside your heart.

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