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First You Must Learn

February is a month of self-love and in honor of that I had taken steps in figuring out the role I am going to play in this world. It is important not only to focus on my personal wellbeing but my professional as well. So, this week in Denver I was given the opportunity to volunteer at the Women Grow Leadership Summit 2016. I went for many of my own personal and professional reasons and I learned a great deal of information. I spent the week surrounded by like-minded women trying to create a difference in this world. I could ramble on and on about how wonderful it was but I figured three of my best takeaways would suffice. Also here is a link for more information on what I was doing this week:

It is pretty simple. Here it goes.


  1. It is OKAY to ask for HELP.


There is so much truth in the words “The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own” The only person that is going to make my dreams come true, is me. I have the idea and I will be the person to execute it because without ME there wouldn’t be that change, or that new idea. My ideas are my own and it is up to me to follow through with them… However it is SO important to remember. I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. There are many things that I excel at and quite honestly many things that I suck at, and that is totally fine. I do not want to be the jack of all trades. I want to be the master of one. I would have to spend months on months to perfect my accounting books, or reading up on all the safety and law issues. There are skills that I simply do not have. But I do have beautiful and talented friends that possess those skills and it would be smart for me to open my arms out to those people and ask them for help. And if I emerge myself in the community I want to work in I will find support there too.

So my advice for you is: Reach out to those around you that are already believing in you and supporting your journey and ask them for help. It does not do anyone any good for you to do it all on your own.





It amazes me how many minutes we spend comparing our lives to other people. The way we look, the job we have, or the size of our bank account should not play a part in who we spend our time with. There are soft people in this world, people with great ideas and dreams and we smash them because they are not on “our level.” What the hell does that even mean? Everyone that I have ever known to get to the top has smashed everyone in their path to get there. They want the top view so badly that they do not care who they have to tear down. That makes me feel ill. I want to get that top view, but I would never be able to ruin the lives of those who helped me rise. I know that team work seems like a foreign concept in this world but if we took some time to open our minds up to the ideas of other people I think we would be able to create a better world. Being at the conference I was surrounded by these women who all had a different role to play in having our views heard and our values represented in the cannabis industry. It was amazing to hear their stories and to be surrounded by people who were so willing to help me and my dreams.

So my advice for you is: Instead of comparing yourself to others and letting it be your fuel to beat them, let it be your fuel to join them. Two brains working toward a cause is better than one.



  1. Do your RESEARCH!


There are so many issues and controversies in this world that I had no idea about. I have stayed in this little bubble, completely obliviously to the world around me and it is not right. There is so much going WRONG in this world and if I have the capability to realize it, than I should have the capabilities to stop it. I have this dream that I know will change lives and make this world better but I never realized how many questions and answers I am going to have to perfect before that will happen. There are many laws and regulations with cannabis that I am excited to learn about, but being in the conference I was faced with the understanding of how much I still have to learn. I love to learn. I really could again ramble on all the new cool facts I learned but I think you should do that on your own. I have no advice other than do your research.



I do want to leave you with this little fun fact (some of you may know this already) – Colorado was the first state to pass a law allowing women to vote. And I for one think that is pretty damn cool.

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