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Dear Mom,

When I sit and think about the people who love me through my hardest times my mother is always top of that list. She is my biggest fan, along with my father and my lil bro. But I’ve never expressed how much I am a fan of her and since today is her birthday and I am a buncha miles away I thought TODAY IS THE DAY. MOM YOU ROCK. Here is a little bit about you.

My mom participated in everything when I was a kid, she was the first person to volunteer for field day. She was at every parent teacher conference making sure that I was doing my very best. She went to all the school parties and was front row in every school play, with a video camera and the loudest cheer. She was the same way with my brother and his sports, always the loudest person in the stands because she felt the most pride and in turn we feel worthy because of her. She taught me how to love others by watching her unconditionally love other people. She has a free and open heart and everyone is welcome in her corner. I hope that eventually I can love half as much as she does. She lights up a room when she walks into it and people feel comfortable to have her around. OH and she is such a good baker (cook not so much hehe) but she can make the best desserts! When I was real young she would make us oreo milkshakes from scratch. If you haven’t been around for a holiday you are missing out because I easily gain five pounds in peanut butter balls.

My mother has never missed a beat. Seriously nothing gets passed her. When I was in high school I tried to skip school ONCE… just ONCE and I still got busted and grounded for a month. I am glad to have a mother who pays so much attention to the details in my life that she can put two and two together and think, There is no way my daughter could have made these brownies before I got home from work so she must have been home all day, therefor she skipped school. Every single time I was high she knew it and stated it even when I denied it. She is the first to tell me that the boy I like is scum LONG before I ever realize it. And not just my boyfriends but all of my friends too, she is involved in everyone’s life, and it amazes me because everyone is so open to telling her their secrets. Growing up, Emily or Chelsea or Morgan and I would come home from school, sit around the kitchen counter and just gossip. Sheesh my mother is the definition of a gossip queen in the most endearing way. Ha. Ha. But life is never dull with her.

I guess what else I want to say is that I am a better person because of her, and I hope that one day I can become half the loving women that she is. Everyone loves to write the “Dear Mom” posts trying to relate their experience with other people but I’m not, because the love my mom has is for me only (and Greg I guess) But I am sorry but I already have enough family members to share peanut butter balls with.



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