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Oh, Okeechobee

Trying to put into words the experience that I had this past weekend at Okeechobee is going to be tough, but I am certainly going to try.

It was hard to take the time to write every day that I was there because I wanted to stay in the moment and experience Okeechobee. I wanted to stay in the hot beating sun with the warm, comfortable bodies around me. I knew I had to reflect on the feelings and moments that were passing through me but I also just wanted to be there. I wish I was still there.

Being at Okeechobee was like falling in love for the first time. You feel free, light, and happy- like the world is filled with all sorts of possibilities. What are obstacles? What is time? All we have is right now. Seeing my family and friends for the first time in months (or years) was exhilarating in itself. But being with them in this place was an experience that no one will ever be able to have, except for us, and that is what made it so special. Also, we had no cell service. We were literally stranded in the middle of the woods but I wouldn’t trade these memories for a million dollars.
I could feel the Okeechobee love from the morning we woke up on Friday. My brother and I driving through South Florida as the sun warmed up my face, I soaked it all in because I just had this feeling I was going to have a great weekend. The first day we saw RL Grime and Bassnectar. My brother had been raving about them for months and I knew that he was really looking forward to it and it was going to be a great show. It was a rough afternoon finding everyone (no cell service, remember)
But once we were in the moment, my god we were in it. We were surrounded by all of these people just like us spreading good energy and big smiles; stoked to be listening to this DJ. We met a fella named Vlad who at one point put me on top of his shoulders during the Bassnectar concert and turned me around giving me a 360 degree view of the woods. I could have been in another world up there. It was almost as if I could feel every person jump, and dance and smile. I felt grateful to be part of their story and their Okeechobee adventure. Every person that I had an encounter with this weekend was filled to the brim with positive energy. I ran into people who had such kindness in their hearts, I started to feel selfish, as if I was not worthy of their love that they so graciously offered to me…but I was, and I am.


This Okeechobee ‘love’ it hit me right in the heart and I want to hold on to this feeling forever. This feeling that everything is good. We have nothing but love and time and this world is made for us to explore and to love it. I am so lucky to have been a part of the first year of Okeechobee music fest, and I think that every person who went there would agree the same.
I have many other stories from this weekend that I will share with you, this is only the beginning. I will also add in that the energy for Big Gigantic totally took my breath away. Music touched me in a way this weekend that I knew was possible, but I just hadn’t had the experience yet.


So thank you to the creators of Okeechobee Music Fest. I will be coming back.

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