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My One Year Anniversary

It amazes me how much can change in just one year. How is it that this time [03.15.15] last year I was in college, in love, had a great job, and a huge group of awesome friends and now I am 6,000 miles away from everything and everyone I ever knew. This exact time last year I had just gotten off a cruise ship with my best girlfriends and I was given the opportunity to visit Colorado (that story is long and I won’t go there) Flying into Colorado I felt like I was stepping into a whole new world. The positive energy starting soaking in my pores the moment I was on the plane. I was meeting new people, women and men of all ages giving me advice on fun bars or jammed clubs. They told me their favorite restaurants, hotels, dispensaries, and always gave me their contact information in the end in case I needed any help. I had never felt more welcomed in a place that knew I was a total stranger. That weekend changed my perspective on the way humans should interact and it really got me thinking about the environment that I was in back in Florida. I started to think that I should move here. Colorado might be the place where I actually feel like I belong.


The reason I was in Colorado was to work a glass and vape trade show helping this guy sell his products. We were all set up in little booths and the booth on our left hand side, in a seperate booth was a company called, “Kings of Kush.” [] Kings of Kush is a candle and apparel company that is run by two brothers, Dan and Tyler Kidd. Meeting them, getting to know them and their gentle hearts is definitely one of the reasons why I decided that Colorado is made for me. They made me feel safe. Not that I was in an unsafe situation but it was an awkward situation and they made me feel like it was okay. It was nice that they accepted my actions. It was better than the reactions I was getting from my friends back at home in Florida. We all got to talking about our lives, our dreams, the whole shebang and I’ll always remember them telling me that if I ever moved back, they would love to work with me, get to know me, plan events with me, and be my friend. I had a few other encounters over the weekend, people who loved my story and wanted to get to know me and I started to feel really connected with this community.


When I left Colorado, I came home to an intervention. Now do not get me wrong, I love my friends and their intentions are good but…I came home to an intervention. What the hell what I thinking just going across the country, alone? Why am I so irresponsible? How could I act that way when other people were watching? Bullshit really. In that time I realized that Orlando was not the community for me. How could I not go across the country, alone and make some of the best memories that only my heart will be able to hold. How could I not walk through the city, stumble upon the capital and enjoy giant ice cream cones through busy streets. How could I not gain the knowledge to actually learn how to read a map, or call a cab, or make decisions for myself? Going to Colorado was the best thing I could have done last year, it made me realize my potential.


The way the world was going in Orlando I would have not survived, I would have ended up back at home. (No offense Mom and Dad) But that was never my plan. I knew I had to start making some changes in my life and after that spring break, I did. Lord only knows the personal hell that I would have been going through. He gave me this beautiful opportunity so I grabbed and I ran with it.
This time last year, I knew in my heart that the Colorado community was the community I needed to embrace myself in. Every since I have made an effort to create myself a better life. So I moved here and life gets better and better every single day. I have started working on creating my own catering company [Instagram- @co.skyhighcatering ], and have been making herbal infused hot tea for a little bit which is going to take off fast! But most importantly I just was offered the event facilitator position for Denver Parks and Recreation!! Life changes so quickly right before our eyes but this has been a beautiful change for me. A change for a better life and I am happier because of this. I am happier because of that stupid risk I took during my college spring break and although many of you did not agree with the choices I made back then… I always knew that it was right for me.

4 thoughts on “My One Year Anniversary

  1. Fucking incredible !!!! Cheers to listening to YOu, trusting your intuition and left what was safe, defied the status quo, and now the world is in your hands !

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