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To My Brothers Squad,

To my Brothers Squad,



Thank you for loving my brother. Thank you for giving him a home away from his home with me and giving him the courage and the strength to face life when I am not around. I am feeling a little mushy today thinking back on the amazing weekend we had. John, Marina, Felix, Ryan, Joey, and Ben you all are wonderful, beautiful people. It is hard knowing that I am a million miles away from my main squeeze but it is a lot easier for me now that I have gotten to know you guys and have gotten to understand who Greg has in his life.

At first when I imagined this trip I was not sure if I was going to feel like an outsider or not. I mean I was really excited but I was not sure how I would feel and you all instantly made me part of your family. I never had to face anything by myself which was a relief. You never left me behind even when we were all running around like lost little jungle people. On Friday you all spent hours trying to find each other and I know you had moments of doubt thinking that you might not. But you NEVER gave up. Watching you all finally get together and find each other was a happy moment for me to observe. Even though we were in all different parts of the camp we always managed to watch the shows together. I think it was Saturday…there was a time I got sick and I veered off the path… with all the wild people running around trying to leave the stage, it was hard to keep up but luckily John noticed me and stayed with me while somehow still keeping his eye on everyone else. I do not know how we caught up to everyone but I definitely know I would NOT have made it out of the forest that night without him! Haley and I got a glimpse of your hospitality that weekend even in the middle of the wilderness, and I wish I could thank you all over and over again. I had such a great time with you guys this weekend! I love the energy you bring into a room and the smiles you are able to share with one another. My brother is lucky to have a squad like you guys. I will never forget sitting in camp and sharing a detail about my brother (I cannot remember what I said) and you all responded saying, “We love Greg!” And I knew it was true. I hope you all stay close to one another for the rest of time because the dynamic you all share is beautiful.


At Okeechobee I also received a reminder of how LUCKY I am to have a brother with such a magical soul. We are all reminded to stay close to the people that we love, and how important it is to make them feel happy and warm. It amazes me how my brother can be so tough yet so soft at the same time.. He never let me out of the corner of his eye and he always made me feel safe, even when he wasn’t there his squad was giving me the same love that I would have received from him. I felt love all day, all the time.

Thank you bejesus for our snuggle sessions, and huddling like penguins because we were freezing and without each person’s warmth we would’ve froze to death (exaggeration, I think not). You all are so welcoming. You made me feel safe and happy. THANK YOU SQUAD for creating such a positive environment for me, my family and friends.




I cannot wait until next year!!

One thought on “To My Brothers Squad,

  1. I am in awe of the relationship you and Greg have. I admire how much you love each other and how you always have each other’s back. Now….you all have the squad too….sweet! Thank you squad for loving my kids!

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