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Yoga On A Thursday

I am getting much better at my yoga practices – It is not something that I have been purposefully trying to get better at and I don’t really like using that word, “better” – But now that I have started to live with intention and become more ‘self-aware’ my yoga practices are starting to make more sense to me. I am able to ease into positions with an energy flow that I only feel when I am on my mat. I am able to focus on certain areas of my body when I want to. I love that when I start a practice I am able to recognize if there is a pain point in my body- do the practice- and then I take notice that the pain is gone. It is amazing that my body has the capability to heal myself. Almost as if I am a miracle, a miracle child of this world. On Thursday afternoon around 4:15pm I had stepped into a yoga class at Core Balance and I had the capability of leaving all the pain of that day on the mat. All of the external issues melted away and I was able to fully focus on the healing and inner stillness of myself. My yoga instructor used an essential oil called YLANG YLANG which is extracted by the flowers of the ylang-ylang tree commonly found in the rain forest of Asian and South Pacific islands. I had been falling out of a few of my poses and was feeling unattached from my body but once she released the essential oils I was able to bring my nerves down and flow deeper into my practice. It is okay that I was falling out of my poses. I started to calm down, understanding that I AM ENOUGH. I do not have to work extra hard to prove that I am worthy. I am already strong and loyal to myself. I am good and I am worthy.

Coming to the class that day was not a coincidence, it was something that my body needed and manifested. I was having a bad day – I had gotten a call from my landlord who was threatening to evict us. I went into a bit of a panic but I knew that panicking and worrying would not make the situation any better so I had decided to go into a yoga class. My instructor had told us that we were going to be focusing on healing our third chakra, which is the center for our personal will power. Our third chakra is where we feel our confidence or lack of esteem, it is also the space where we are able to recognize our intention. What makes us feel empowered or good? Or, what makes us feel safe? I was humbled and happy when she spoke on healing and centering a chakra. I have been trying to understand how to become more in tuned with my body, especially with a chakra practice. I like learning and reading on the subject and I was over joyed when we ended up putting what I have been reading into an actual practice. There are some great articles online that you can read and I was stoked to run into this piece of knowledge RIGHT after the workout-Click here!


I am looking forward to learning and growing into a process of personal peace and inner stillness. I think I will start to do my yoga practices on my own time, maybe even make up my own practice that speaks specifically to me! I LOVED the class but I think that I would be able to create my own practices.

Who knows – I’m just going with the energy flow!

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