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Dear Lexi,

Today is June 1st and it is one of my very best friends, Lexi’s birthday. Unfortunately for me I am not able to be in Florida to celebrate the new year with her. I cannot go to the salon and get our nails done in preparation for a fun night. I cannot sit in the liquor store for a half hour and decide what bottle to put a bow on and surprise you. I cannot come party with you or give you a kiss at midnight but I can give you my love. Which may be far away but it is still always with you.

I wish I had started journaling back when we were roommates because I know I would have recorded the most insane memories. Just our porch sittings would give me enough information to write a novel. And you always said I should write a book with all the shit I’ve gone through, haha. But honestly, college was a trip for me. But that last year was something else. Living with you, the girls and the devil was the best college experience I had! From the moment you brought that bottle of fireball to the beach for my 21st birthday I knew we were going to be friends for life.

There are people in your life that are going to change the way you see life, or the way you view yourself or your morals and I would be lying if I say you did not help mold me into the person I am today. You took time to understand me and vis versa and I have a bond with you that is stuck in my heart forever. It is refreshing having a roommate who turns into a best friend through pure coincidence and then a series of heart to hearts. All we did was talk, bond, and now I have you as my friend for life. Excuse me while I let that sit in.

Thank you for having such a big heart and an opened mind. Thank you for taking your time to listen and understand who I am and learning to love me despite the reactions and thoughts of other people. Thank you for making me open my own eyes and see how valuable of a person I am (a sneak in thanks to all others who have done that as well like my mama, Emily and Kelly and all others who I would list but this is about Lexi ;))

Thank you for being my friend babe. I hope you have a great birthday and Stephen takes some time to remember how grateful he is to have you by his side. You are incredible, beautiful and I cannot wait until the day I see you again.



Have the best birthday ever.


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