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How Did I End Up Here?

Sometimes I sit in awe and think to myself, “How did I end up here?”

A few days ago I was sitting 6,224 feet in the air watching the sun fall down behind a sea of blue mountain peaks. These mountains they go on for hundreds of miles. It almost looks like it will never end and here I am lounging on this rock, not having any idea where I actually was, with this incredible view thinking about how beautiful my life is when the question pops into my head, “How did I end up here?”


My life has been a series of decisions, moments in time where I have grown step by step into the person that I am today. I have picked up and left all my comfortable environments, many times. (And easily I will add) The other day as I sat up on Castle Rock and started thinking about how my decision to go to Florida Gulf Coast University, join a sorority, quit the sorority, move to Orlando, major in Event Management, etc. all these moments where I just said “No” or “Yes” have led me straight into my personal heaven. I stand here on Castle Rock and I am free, I am strong and I believe that all my worries are now gone. I am manifesting a better life for myself.

I think it is all about my mindset. What I spend my time thinking about molds my everyday decision making. Sometimes I spend so much time thinking about a human being or a moment that I neglect to think of myself or I derail myself from the ultimate goal. This will have to cease in order for me to move forward. I have stepped into a phase in my life where my mindset is everything and anything I can count on. I do not want to have to second guess myself anymore. If I do not stay motivated and stay focused on my intention and my end goal, I will not get there. All my life I have been dreaming big dreams and creating plans for myself that I deemed as impossible, but really it was me who was impossible. Not anymore. It is important to remember that all good things come from good thoughts and I have already come this far. I get to enjoy the views of Colorado every single day. I am able to embrace myself into a community where I feel safe and loved every single day and I have been making friends that are good to me and support my journey. I have made it this far and I will continue to go farther all I have to do is remember to focus, stay motivated and love the journey.


castle rock

And I mean who couldn’t love this journey?

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