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A Life Without Purpose Is Not Living

Each and every single cell body that roams this earth was given the gift of life for a specific purpose.

Every person. Every tiger. Every bear. Every flower. Every vegetable serves a specific purpose to humanity.

Think of all of the factors that play into making a human being…
3 billion cells that had to mold and connect; the DNA strands that had to eclipse and grow to make us – you.


Do you think you were put on this earth just to take up space or did the universe mold every single detail of you for a reason?

There is a purpose for your life, just as there is a purpose for my life and a reason why my soul was given a physical identity. Each and every person has something to offer that can bring this world closer to harmony. What are your skills? What can you offer to this community that will set you apart from everyone else? Look in at your passion, find those skills and harvest them. It is wrong to sit back and watch life float by you. Day after day, month after month. If you are getting up and your routine looks like this: Wake up, Eat, Work, Eat, than sleep. Get out of that mediocre lifestyle and get out fast. Do not get stuck in a routine that serves no purpose to your ultimate goal.


Some of us are idle. We are still floating around in the same place we were when we were nineteen. We are thinking the same thoughts and in the same town. Which isn’t something that I am here to criticize, but I am here to say that you are wasting your time if you are not living every single day out to your fullest. We are here to embrace our light, to explore, and to entwine with the person that lives inside of us. Not the person we have molded into overtime, but our true and honest self. We were not put on the earth by accident. There is a reason why we are alive and in this century and in this specific place. Each one of us brings something to this earth that is unlike every other being. Each one of us is unique to our own and we will not be anything like our neighbor. We have to find our own way, find our purpose and then run with it. Create a non-profit for your local church or adopt that sweet blind puppy dog from the pound. Just do something good. This world owes you nothing. It has already given you oxygen, sunshine and life, there is nothing else this earth owes you. The question is what can you do for earth? What can you do for your neighbor? What can you do for yourself? Do not sit back on your comfy couch chair, eating cheez-itz, watching re-runs of “One Tree Hill” every single night until you are thirty. Go out and make something of yourself.






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