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Perspective On Florida

I had been living in Florida for almost my whole life and I can really only remember one time when I stopped to look at my surroundings. This is okay because I was a child but sheesh Florida is really beautiful and my whole childhood I never recognized it. I suppose, you never really notice the change between your old and your new environment until you step back into your old one.

My perspective on my part of life now is COMPLETELY different than the way I viewed it not just five years ago but just eight months ago. When I was at home during Christmas, yes I stopped for a few moments to watch the sunrise with my family, but I wasn’t really watching. Even then I did not see it the way I did when I went to visit this past weekend. I always knew that Florida was a good place to be raised. I have always had a solid support system but it really wasn’t until this trip to Amelia Island with my girlfriends and all the other little details of these last few days, that I realized that I really have it good here, in Florida. I stepped out of the most loving and comfortable environment that I have ever been a part of and I left it all behind to pursue a future for myself. If I would have stayed in Florida I do not think I ever would have taken time to appreciate it. My mind would have been in the same place that it was back then and I would not have grown into the person that I am today. I would have continued to do nothing but take up space, time and money. Moving to Colorado has changed my perspective on life. I never paid attention growing up but now that I am becoming conscious and more aware of myself and my surroundings; I am noticing how magical my life actually is. There is great power in perception and awareness. Understand that your life will only be as good as you allow it to be. I think that this is a great lesson for all of us to learn.




I’m telling ya’ FLA is beautiful!


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