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I Love Food & I Love You

People express their compassion and love toward others in so many different ways. Some people buy gifts, give hugs or send out words of encouragement. For me I express my compassion by gifting you something you can feel (hugs, comfort) or something you can eat! I want people to feel connected to me, to themselves and to all of their other surroundings. Everyone searches for ways to show compassion and creating any type of social gathering is my answer to that.


In my opinion, making a meal for someone is a great way to show compassion. Sharing a meal with another person is an intimate moment and though it may not seem that way, when you make food for someone you are saying to them,

“Let me knead and hand craft a meal for you. Let me nourish and cherish your body and let me love you.”

Earlier this week my roommates Kaylee and Joe offered to make veggie burgers and potato fries and of course I said yes! On my way home from work I stopped to pick up a few things for a salad so that I could also contribute and together we made a beautifully colored meal. I was amped all day waiting for dinner. I watched as Joe and Kaylee swiftly moved around the kitchen, working with each other to create this beautifully modern meal for us to share together. Around 7pm we sat around the table and WE ATE (literally I cleared my plate), we laughed, we talked creatively and we bonded. In that moment it clicked for me that really all it takes is a handcrafted, NUTRITIOUS meal to bring people to the same page and to make them feel comfortable and loved.

dinner for 4.jpg

(Yes I was the only one drinking wine)


Food brings humans together and I am a true believer in that. All my life I have been looking for the right path, the right direction in which my career needs to go. When I thought about my future and what I wanted to bring into the world I said, “I want to help people” or “I want to bring people together.” And as vague as those thoughts were I came into this beautiful career path. Catering and events is exactly the direction in which my life needs to be going. What better way to help someone, to love someone or to show them a good time then to serve them and create an environment where they can feel safe. After cleaning up from dinner last night I noticed a shift in the room, everyone was relaxed, fed and happy. That is the way I want everyone to feel anytime someone creates something for them.




P.S. What goes into the food is also really important to the ambiance of the whole moment, but that is a totally different rant…

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