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The Taste of Hemp Way Foods

On Sunday, August 21st, 2016 I volunteered to spend my day helping Carla Boyd with her hemp tasting event called “The Taste of Hemp Way Foods” in Evergreen, Colorado. I had met her last month during a Women Grow networking event where at least a hundred different women and men got together to learn about the cannabis industry and how they can take a part in it. I remember Carla promoting her hemp event so I decided to reach out to her and volunteer my hands to help. I enjoyed myself much so much more than I expected. I always enjoy volunteering at different events, especially when the event is directly benefitting someone and their family. It brings me joy watching others take action to reach toward their dreams. Their motivation and determination definitely rubs off on me and aids in my moving forward to chase my own dreams.

Carla Boyd has spent her time molding and creating these beautiful hemp products. She uses all natural hemp heart seeds and other organic, gluten-free ingredients to create a hemp patty and a hemp crumble that you can use for virtually anything! You can check out her products here: What we put into our foods is extremely important not only to our health but our success as well and you can clearly see that Carla has touched on that.

For Carla’s Sunday event she created bell pepper and jalapeno poppers, a green-chili and a red-chili crumble as well as burritos and hemp burgers. I was able to put my catering skills to good use as we moved around the back patio at The Woodcellar Bar and Grill and created the atmosphere that she was looking for. The set-up she had planned really was spectacular and she created a great crowd funding event  for her and her company. Everything was delicious! Many people came and stopped by to see what she had created. The vibrations in that room were incredibly warm and I felt connected to each one of the people who were there to either learn about hemp food or help Carla and her process.


Aside from her food portion of the event she had a young girl volunteering to do face painting and there was a woman there her name was Nichole Polivka and she was giving out free massages. I was listening to Nichole speak and she was saying how she lives off trade, she doesn’t ask for money in return for her services and I found that fascinating. She is a massage therapist as well as a yoga and meditation teacher. She teaches meditation classes on Boulder Creek on Thursday mornings for free and I think it would be beneficial to go and support her. Carla put in a great deal of effort into her crowdfunding event and she deserves all the credit. She is a hard working woman and I am thankful that she let me volunteer. I will do anything that needs to be done in order to emerge myself into the community I want to be a part of and the career path that I want to go down. I have always thought that if you are not willing to do the work for free than you aren’t really passionate about it. Volunteering is beneficially to everyone involved and I was really happy to be a part of Carla and her journey to success.

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