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Love and Trust Your Reality

“Living out your dream is the most radical act of self-love” – Antonina Romano Bongiovanni


This was the basis of an incredible conversation I had with my good friend Antonina up in Mount Sanitas earlier this week. Tuesday afternoon Antonina and I went for a hike and my emotions were clearly showing up in my demeanor. I began to express to her the concerns that I was having moving forward with my career choices and my choice to start my own business. Throughout our conversation the stress that I had been feeling before had now turned into momentum and strength. In the past few weeks I have been opening up doors to new relationships and new opportunities that are putting me directly in the place I need to be. Yet somehow, with all of the greatness surrounding me I was still feeling small and un-worthy of this journey. I was beginning to question my purpose and my path.
Through my conversation with her and the energy of the moment I was able to snap back into reality and recognize that I am living out my dream right in this very moment! My ideas and my work are being recognized and the motions are in full swing. There is no reason to worry or fear that I am not heading in the direction that is made for me. I am filled with relief when I step back and notice that I already have it all going on, I just have to watch it pan out. I am choosing to live every day aligned with the person that I am supposed to be. I am taking my love, my skills, my products and I am creating a better world. I want to create a product that feels right and a feeling of togetherness within our communities. Together we are powerful and united. I am in the middle of creating something magical for not only myself but for other people surrounding me. I can rest and enjoy the ride because I know that I am heading in the right direction.


Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and fear of our journey. We have to take a step back and recognize that we are on a path toward greatness, and sometimes it takes conversations with other people or personal revelations but eventually we start living out our purpose and we feel good.
You should reach out to my beautiful and spiritual friend Antonina through Instagram @lifewellmade or



p.s. Mount Sanitas trail was the first hike I ever completed, with my brother. (Photo 2015)

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