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Focus On The Change That Will Redirect Your Future

“You are the choices you make”

I have read this sentence countless times while scrolling through my Instagram feed and only recently has it really sunk in but we ARE the choices that we make. If you choose to live at home, work at Burger King and live off dollar tacos from taco bell but then complain that your life has no meaning – no purpose –do not expect any pity, not from me and hopefully not from anyone else. No one should pity you or console you and tell you that you are doing great things because you’re not. You are not expanding your mind or changing your environment and from the looks of all the whopper wrappers chillin in the back seat of your car, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. In order to live a life that fulfills you, you must CHOOSE that life path and live that choice out every single day. It is easy to be sucked into the comfort of mom doing your laundry – but that does not benefit you, your mind, or your body in any way. If you want to live a great life you have to do great things and I have come up with three simple steps to move in that direction.


1. Take Notice to what stage you are at in your life right now. Think about where you have been, where you are and where you are going. Are you happy? Are you living in the path that you were meant for? Are you creating and molding your passions into something tangible or are you just letting life slip through your fingers day in and day out. It is important to non-judgmentally observe where you are, then listen to your heart, your mind and your body and figure out where exactly you want to be.

2. Take action; tap into that energy and make the choice to live out your dreams. Live in the moments that you were meant to feel. Say “YES, this is MY journey. I am in control of my destiny. I am going to learn what my skills are and create something that will not only benefit myself but mankind as well.” You have to make the choice to take the first step. Move to that new and exciting city. Quit that job that you dread waking up to. Date that boy or girl that you know is totally right for you but you are too afraid to admit it. You cannot be afraid – FEAR IS NOT REAL – it is just a feeling, something that we choose to believe in and CHOOSE to feel but it is not really there. Some people can never get past those thoughts, they think “I am not smart enough for this position,” or “I’m not physically fit enough to run that 5k,” and that is when they stop chasing after their dreams. You cannot let that happen to you. Recognize the feeling and take notice in where you are in your life. Do not judge yourself for where you are on your path, but take notice, then take action toward a better life.

3. Finally. Take a breath. Because once you finally are making the choices to live out the life you desire, you will feel relief. You will start to notice that everything you have ever wanted you can have. You can live a fulfilled life, you just have to make the choice to do so. There are no outside circumstances stopping you from receiving the life you desire. The only thing that is stopping you from reaching those goals and chasing those dreams, is YOU. So do not hold yourself back from what you are truly capable of.



Take the necessary steps toward giving yourself the life that you have always wanted. For me, I have really just started this journey. But I know in my heart that I am on the right path because it feels good. I am happy and I do not fear what lies in front of me. Granted I will have to read that last sentence every day for the next few months before it finally settles in but once it does I know I will be living out the life that I want and deserve.




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