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Manifestation At Its Finest

You can absolutely create your own reality! Back when I first learned about the law of attraction/ manifesting your reality I decided to write in my journal some simple goals that I would like to accomplish for my time in college at the University of Central Florida. These goals were really farfetched, like, “Get all A’s during your fall semester” and “Make the Dean’s List.” Goals that I really did not think I had the brain power or guts to accomplish, but I wrote them down anyway, just to test myself. I believed in the goals in the moment of writing them down and then a few years later I graduated college.

As I was moving out of my cottage in the retreat I came across a purple notebook that had those goals written down on a page and I stopped to read through it. Sure enough my second semester into UCF I did make all A’s and no joke the following semester I had made the dean’s list. I completely forgot that I had even written it down and yet I was living out my dream the whole time. Over and over again I have been experiencing these exhilarating moments, but this most recent one has really topped the cake. For those who know me I am very close with a group of entrepreneurs online called “Rich 20 Something” and I lean on some of the group members for support. Daniel, the creator and founder of Rich20Something has been mentoring me and many others like me in our journey to greatness. He is hosting his first ever live event this weekend in LA and it is my destiny to go. A few months ago I was trying to make plans to attend this event but I did not have the funds to make that happen in the moment.

So instead I decided to write it out. I wrote down all the details that I wanted to experience at the live event. I imagined being on the plane to LAX. I imagined walking through the doors of the conference. Networking and collaborating with other creative individuals like myself. I imagined us taking the steps to becoming a better version of ourselves. Studying the skills that will help us be more productive and effective at our work. I literally wrote the whole experience down and I decided to trust in it. I had no idea how I would get there. All I knew was that I was meant go and I would find a way there.

And I did. Sunday afternoon I was receiving the opportunity of a lifetime! I now have my flight booked, my hotel booked and my ticket to the Rich 20 Something Live Event and I am heading to California for the weekend. The world truly works in mysterious ways, but always in ways to benefit me. I am beyond thrilled for this adventure and I cannot wait to see what amazing next steps will come from the knowledge and support I will receive this weekend. Stay tuned for how it goes!





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