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Do Not Be Afraid to Let Your Wall Down

If I could tell anyone one thing it would be to always take that extra leap of faith. Do the things that make you the most uncomfortable. Face your biggest fears and when you do watch yourself mold into the person that you have been all along.


Moving out to Colorado was my first risk toward the ultimate life but every few months after that I continued to make personal revelations. Now here I sit before myself in the midst of my life; my own creations. It feels like I am already living the life of freedom that I have wanted all along.

A month or so ago I was in a trial period as I entered this new phase of my life. For a while I have been filled with the idea that I was not well-equipped mentally to commit to one person. I doubted my ability to open my heart up. But once again I realized that I was only being sabotaged by my thoughts and the fear surrounding those thoughts. As I let out all of those feelings of doubt and fear, and let them float away I am reminded that now is the time to feel good. Now is the time to do the things that make your soul happy.

So this is what I want to say to all of the people out there who are having a hard time letting all that surrounding love in. I understand that letting your wall down is not an easy feat for anyone. We have all let people in who we trusted to be worthy but we were disappointed. We opened up and in return we were split in half so we built walls ten feet tall so no one could step anywhere near us. But through these obstacles and tribulations I have learned a few things. This is by far one of my greatest life lessons.

– –
Let your wall down for the person who is standing there every day, hammer in hand, chipping away, and patiently standing waiting for your wall to wear down. Let your wall down for the person who does not try to mold you to his beliefs but instead holds you accountable for your own morals and actions. Stay true to yourself and continue to do the things that make you happy. Read those filthy magazines, spend a weekend with your girlfriends, write, cook – in other words- continue to do you. But let your wall down, and let that love in. Take the leap of faith and let the person in who is looking at you and saying that they admire the person you are, they believe in your career and your journey. Allowing someone to really learn and understand all the dark parts of you is a beautiful act of self-love. You deserve experiencing life through the eyes and love of someone who truly believes in your life as much as you do. You deserve to feel free and secure at the same time. You deserve to watch love surround and grow around you and you deserve to continue to be the woman or man that you are destined to be. Let your wall down and let in the person who has finally seen all the uglies but still chooses to cherish you.


That is all for now.




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