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Turn Your Weakness Into Your Strength

School was really tough for me, especially college. I honestly thought I was going to fail out. Every time I had a big project coming up that I felt unprepared for I would get physically get sick. Two finals on the same day? I was in tears, head in the toilet. Maybe it was the fear of failure, lack of care for my body, who knows. School made me nervous which in turn made me sick. At 19, I was spending weeks waking up at 430 in the morning and going to different gastrointestinal doctors to be examined. My parents spent hundreds of dollars trying to catch some sort of understanding as to why their daughter was throwing up all the time. But they had no answer. That was frustrating. Every single week I was miserable, crumbled on the floor like a rag doll because my anxiety and my sickness were taking me over.

Eventually through keeping my eyes and my mind open I was introduced to the cannabis plant. This introduction was the greatest “light bulb” moment I had in college. As I indulged in the herb I would start to see spikes in my appetite and I noticed that I was actually holding the food down. I no longer cringed at the thought of eating because I enjoyed it. I did research and I found out that there are many other benefits to the cannabis plant. The plant can help me and help so many other people too! Not only does it help with nausea and anxiety but it can aid in many other ways. There are a multitude of different healing properties within the cannabis plant. Much of society only touches on the buds, flowers and the concentrates made from the flowers but the stems hold an equal if not more value than the flower themselves. Hemp is an all-natural anti-inflammatory which helps me with my stomach pains but also helps with joint health, skin care and heart care. Through years of pain I have finally found something that completely takes care of me, and now I can turn it into something that can take care of others.


Fast forward to today and I have taken my weakness and turned it into my strength. Jordan and Jane’s is my lifestyle and I want to share that with everyone I possibly can share it with. I have created an all-natural hemp tea that is both delicious and beneficial. Each bag is handmade by me or by someone close to me. There are two continuous ingredients in the Jordan and Jane’s Tea Collection which are: Hemp and Love. Right now I have created two flavors however the world is my oyster and I am its pearl. I believe that Jordan and Jane’s will have six beautifully crafted flavors by my 24th birthday. I will be in twenty-five stores by Christmas and my name and lifestyle will continue to bleed into everyone in this community. I have faith in Jordan and Jane’s because it is ME. Jordan and Jane’s was not something that I had created overnight but more a lifestyle that I have cultivated overtime.


I love this journey and I know that I am on the path to greatness. I am proof that nothing can really hold you back. In the last couple of years I have taken my weakness and I have molded it in to my strongest attraction. Your weakness is all in your head. Remember that.



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