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Rich 20 Somethings Living The Dream

October was an eye opening month for me because I was given a glimpse of my true potential. I have always known that eventually I would be creating my own reality. Since my senior year in college I knew that I would go into business for MYSELF and live off my own earnings, live out my own dreams and live well. I knew that this would happen and I am humbled that it is happening right now. During this past month so many doors started opening up for me, doors that I did not even know were there to be opened. One of my incredible “October Opportunities” was that I was able to fly out to California for the Rich20Something Live Event in Santa Monica, CA.


Holy Shit.



Best weekend of my entire twenty-third year. At the Rich20Something event I was able to immerse into a community of jaw dropping geniuses. The weekend was filled with inspiration, knowledge and most importantly wine. When I initially went into this event I wanted to find clarity. I wanted to be clear in my heart and mind that I was heading in the right direction with the lifestyle that I am creating and I wanted to have a few action steps that I could take. Throughout the weekend the clarity and validation that I had been looking for finally sunk in. My biggest take-a-way from this event with the Rich20S community was the validation that I received for myself as being an entrepreneur, creating the hemp tea and making these services for other people. My friends and family have been validating Jordan and Jane’s and I appreciate that love so much but to speak about my ideas and my brand to other hard working individuals and to receive positive validation from all of them was humbling and a huge “Wow” moment for me. Everyone at the event has one thing in common and that is the will to want to create a better world for themselves and for the people who surround them. They all want to be good, and do well for others. Daniel, creator of Rich20Something has created an environment where people like myself are able to motivate each other, bounce off one another’s ideas and mostly just thrive off everyone’s high vibrations and good energy. Aside from the good people we learned a great deal of information about how to grow our business, how to expand from our personal passions and how to surpass the goals we set for ourselves. Daniel, Alicia and DT were the perfect trio to run the live event. We were all individually treated with love and respect and everyone’s ideas were equally nurtured. When we left that weekend we were all well-equipped with the knowledge and the motivation to chase down our dreams. The motivation does not stop when Monday rolls around but it only gets stronger. I am so grateful to have been part of the first ever Rich20Something Live Event and I am even more grateful to the community of soulful, hardworking individuals that I now call my motivators and my friends. I encourage everyone to take a look at what Daniel has to offer and at the next live event you should really be there!!




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2 thoughts on “Rich 20 Somethings Living The Dream

    1. Anshul! The event was centered around lessons on how to build an online business. Rich20S is a group of awe-inspiring entrepreneurs and the event was a chance for us to get together and talk about our ideas and ask for help with the challenges. We learned a lot!

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