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Turn This Fear Into Love

Over the course of the last few months and especially during the light of this election, it is very clear to me now that a majority of everyone around me bases their decisions and reactions off of fear. I am guilty, I have made very bad decisions based off of fear and I know for certain many others around me have too. Fear and victimization is the easiest thing to feel. Thoughts that mock statements like; I am out of control – my life is in shambles – there is nothing that I can do about my reality – these are effortless feelings. If your life is out of your control than that means that none of your problems are your fault. It’s your mom’s fault, your husband’s fault, hell now it’s Donald Trump’s fault. We all place our problems and fears on all that surrounds us and never take blame for our own decisions or reactions.

I lived in fear for a long time and it was really easy moving around life just blaming everyone for my problems, but what really takes courage and bravery is standing up for yourself and your life and saying “Fuck fear, I am taking action toward a better life.” We all live in a society where we have to closely mimic the thoughts and actions of the person next to us so that we feel secure or comfortable in the community but screw that. BE YOUR OWN PERSON. Whatever you feel, feel it. Whatever you want to do, fucking do it and do not make yourself feel small for taking action toward love and away from fear. It may be a little more challenging to wake up every morning with motivation and the will to make a better life for yourself but I challenge you to think about this:

If all of your worries and fears fell away from you, it no longer needed your attention because it was taken care of. If all of your money issues, your family issues, your relationship issues all fell away from you…

What would you be able to accomplish with that kind of freedom?

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