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First Day On a Snowboard And I Survived

It is November 14th and I have already experienced the first day of my snowboarding season.


I can feel pain in parts of my body that I never thought I could feel. But it was an awesome fucking day.

Alex and I drove up to A-basin ski lift yesterday and I was hella pumped. I was thinking to myself, “I can hold my own on a skateboard, this can’t be that hard.” My confidence level was really high. I went up the chair lift my heart was pumping heavy; I was ready to take on this mountain.
Until I actually stood on the board…

My first run ever and I fell at-LEAST 40 times. Each fall, my knees or my tailbone smacked into these solid patches of ice. (I thought snow was supposed to be fluffy?) The first run, I pretty much only made it down the mountain through a series of falls and butt scoots. But I was determined to be better on the second run. So we went up the chair lift again, and again I slam my knees and ass into the ground. I stood up, then I was down. This time the pain was exponentially worse, each time I fell a surge of pain released into my mind and my body. I was literally cursing myself. “Jordan you are so damn weak, just stand up! STAND UP!” Eventually through the middle of the second run, after I had completely beat myself up some things started to click. I stopped being angry at myself, and at this beautiful mountain. It was almost magical the way I was picking up each little detail at a time, and I started to be okay with the fact that I was falling. I laughed, smiled almost knowing that when I got up, I would be better. When I stopped being angry I was able to clearly think and react the way that I wanted to and then get to where I wanted to be which was successfully down that mountain.

Life is about reaction. And honestly this mountain taught me a hell of a lot more than just how to snowboard, but what it really taught me was how to stand up and face my demons. If you act out of a place of fear or anger than you will only feel that surge of anger and fear. Over the course of the day I probably fell down 75-100 times but I did not let that stop me. Instead I conquered the fear, and respectfully moved on to a smooth and graceful ride down the mountain.

Bottom line is; if you want something to change you do not just stay in one place and continue to get beat up. No – you stand up, you keep moving and eventually you get right to where you are meant to be.







One thought on “First Day On a Snowboard And I Survived

  1. Haha this is so accurate, brings back so many memories of my first season of snowboarding (or basically getting up from the ground) keep at it, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding feelings to finally get it.

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