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The Secret of The 13th Month Hustle


November and December are months where we really dick around. Most of us indulge in the fact that we have three weeks off school or work is closed for a long holiday break and we do a whole lot of nothing. We buy ugly Christmas sweaters, stuff our faces with honey ham and take hundreds on hundreds of photos with our family members. We take a break. We neglect our responsibilities, our jobs, our health and our purpose.

And there is nothing wrong with taking a break.
Unless you want to make a break.

Think about this.

Have you ever heard someone sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table say something like, “I am going to lose 50 pounds next year” or “Once January hits I will really start saving money.” I bet you have caught yourself doing that a time or two. Putting off responsibilities for the “new year.” But if you really wanted to hustle, if you truly wanted to grow a business, a skill or a relationship, you don’t put it off for the New Year. Take control right now. Treat this month like it is January. Implement new routines NOW, start calling potential clients NOW, go to the gym NOW. Stop walking around in your red and green footie pajamas not taking care of yourself. Your life is your responsibility, don’t stop now just because the world is giving you a breather. Now is the best time to create, especially while most of the world is sleeping.

The 13th month is not just a term for some fancy business owner’s use but it is the secret that many entrepreneurs and creators have been using to get a few inches ahead each year. Start creating the life that you want to have in 2017. Take a notebook and write out all of your goals and expectations for this New Year. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? Then narrow those broad goals down to action steps you can take throughout the year. Now that you’ve got the momentum going, take some of those new action steps for January and take them now. Start ahead of your own game plan. While everyone else is spending all of their money on new holiday dresses, you should be investing your money in what is valuable to you and your business. And while everyone is flying around the country, you could be working on a new recipe or product and launch it before 2017. We all know that time is an illusion and the only reality we truly have is right now. Make something great happen. I stumbled upon the idea of “the 13th month” last year and it proved to be worth it in many ways for me. So don’t sleep on your opportunities, some of them are only available until the new year, and if you are sitting on your couch watching re runs of home alone then you will miss them.

Start today. Allow your journey to begin now, what are you waiting for? The green light?

Well here it is.

Green light.


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