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A Favorite Christmas Dessert in 3 Easy Steps

This year was my second year away from home for Thanksgiving. Once again I spent it with my roommates and friends, but this year I was blessed by the heavens because Emily made it for the holiday which was rad! It was a magical day in the kitchen, as all of my roommates swiftly moved in and out to create a beautiful meal for each other. If you are anything like me then you may be spending your first or second year in your own little apartment or home miles away from your family. You may have decided that instead of sticking to your traditions made as a young child that you would start your own and that a pb&j and some instant mash potatoes will be just fine for you. Or maybe you are more like me and you still love tradition, stuffing the turkey, peeling potatoes, rolling out cookie dough and shit like that is actually fun for you. So you have decided to start your own traditions, maybe alone or maybe with friends and loved ones other than mom and dad. Either way, if you have decided to host a holiday meal in your home away from home than that means that you have to actually prepare the whole meal.



To save you from searching the web aimlessly for a Christmas dessert recipe (unless that’s how you got here then, heyyyyy) I wanted to share with you one that has always been a hit during my holidays and it only takes 15-25 minutes to prepare. This is a recipe that I got from my mother so I will not credit it to myself but it is an awesome recipe, and in fact I remember the first time that I ever had this amazing, delicious dessert it was made by my very talented and beautiful, Aunt Jeni. This may be a recipe you already know and love but even so I want to share it with you. Holiday DIRT Pie is the best creation you could put on your table of new traditions and it is really easy too.





2 Packages of Oreo cookies

2 Packages of French vanilla pudding

8 ounces of cream cheese

12 ounces of cool whip

1 cup of powdered sugar

¼ cup of butter

Milk (for pudding)

*Side note, next year I will do have vanilla pudding and half chocolate pudding. If you try this I would love to hear how it tastes~



Step 1.  Gather all of your ingredients. You will need one bowl to make pudding and another separate bowl for the dirt. First you will need to crush up all of your oreos.

Step 2. In a separate bowl make the pudding according to the package recipe. One pudding is finished add in the cool whip. After that is whipped and soft add in the additional ingredients, cream cheese, powdered sugar and butter.


Step 3. Once all of the ingredients are mixed and smooth start with the pudding mixture on the bottom, then add a layer of oreo cookies, another layer of pudding mix, and so on. Layer the cookies and pudding until is all gone. Then add your worms.

Because where have you ever seen DIRT without WORMS?





Now you will have a dessert for the holidays that everyone will love!

Merry Christmas!! Also head to and use code 25xmas for 25% off all teas!!

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