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One day Limited, Next day Liberated

Someone has once probably told you, “You can’t do that.” I know that I have heard those words before, and when I did it would make me feel limited. What do you mean I “can’t” of course I can. I am not limited, in fact after this weekend I can say with my heart and soul that I AM LIMITLESS.

There is nothing that I cannot do, create or explore.
I am raising the bar. I am becoming a better woman every day that I wake up and choose to chase my dreams. This past weekend I was given the opportunity to serve my hemp tea at two separate, and completely  different events. Both experiences opened up doors and windows for me that filled me with light. The beginning of my weekend was fast paced. I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at the Indo Expo event which is known as The Premiere Cannabis Trade Show. I was given this opportunity because of my friend Devin, creator of steepfuze which is a cbd coffee. (check out their website)

Holy canole, was this event packed or what. I gave out over 400 samples, it was magic. All weekend long I was sharing my creations and my passions with many different people in the industry. I made connections with several different women and men that are willing to help expand my teas with me. Wholesalers, attorneys, store managers and so many other wonderful types of people wanting to work with me. I knew that my idea was valuable but to have so many people who I didn’t even know invest time in me was a moment of triumph.


After I broke down from the trade show I slipped over into downtown Denver and hosted a tea ceremony for 15 beautiful goddesses. The fast paced weekend was over and it was time for me to serve. The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering was exactly where I needed to be. I am grateful to be one of the women that is part of @thestonedhousewife_ influential community. Being able to serve and then be served with sweet words, new meditations to practices, knowledge and love was a blessing. Surrounding myself with like minded creators and women of passion is how I will expand the way that my life and my brand is supposed to. Colorado has shown up for me in so many ways already, opening up the right doors that I need in order to be fulfilled. Being involved in a community where I am surrounded by support and love is what makes the creation part so easy. I am grateful to be expanding my passion with not only these 15 beautiful and magical women but with the Colorado community as a whole.

I feel liberated, which is a word that my sister @mollymoonrise (follow her on Instagram) and I have been tapping into since the New Year. Feeling liberated, to me, is a lot like the feeling of freedom and the feeling of having no limitations. Liberated is how I choose to feel every single day. This weekend was proof to me that hard work pays off, especially when you work from the heart. Every day I wake up, I choose my dreams and I work hard to make them come true.



Personal Pitch: I had an inspiring weekend and I am going to continue to grow with my creations so please support me by signing up for my email list at


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