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The Rambling Thoughts in my Mind

When someone asks me how my day is going, I usually respond with a cliche but personally true statement “Living the dream.” I truly feel as if my reality is so perfectly flawed that I feel like I am dreaming. Sometimes I am faced with scenarios that have me questioning, “Is this really happening?” In both astonishing and disturbing ways. This winter has been especially low for me. I have been jumping through hoop after hoop, I’ve been in a rut. It has felt as if I have been stepping knee-deep through swampy, muddy waters. I’ve been slow and not my average go getting self. It is okay to admit that “I am flawed”, that I make mistakes and sometimes fail. We all fail every now and again but I’ve told this to you before, our life is not based on our mistakes but on our ability to recover from them. I am fully ready to step out of this funk and move forward to something grander than this. For me, winter brings times for deep, dark, sadness and if you don’t wake yourself up it can be really easy to slip into a winter slump, but spring is right around the corner and with that mentality it is time to do some good for ourselves. Spring time comes new blessings and new opportunities. I’ve noticed that my most shining moments come during the spring season. Although spring doesn’t technically start until March 20th, 2017, I am choosing to tap into that feeling of newness NOW. Our souls were put on this earth for a reason, not an accident. We are supposed to be living out our desires, and taking action to make a better life for ourselves and others around us. Not a chance we were actually put on this earth to breath, eat, sleep, and then work or live by someone else’s rules and standards. We are on earth to break the standards and play by our own rules. A friend of mine said to me –

If you are living wholeheartedly for yourself and acknowledging your wants and desires instead of denying them, you are living. By living the way that we want to, we are encouraging others to do the same so in a way it doesn’t just benefit us but it benefits everyone around us as well.


 X X X

I have a hard time practicing what I write about. I will admit to this. I can look back on blogs that I have posted or just journal entries that I’ve written where in the moment I feel liberated and empowered only to notice that I fall back into the same patterns of self-doubt. Every day I am growing, learning and through this winter the feelings of “just getting by” have settled in. But I am done with those feelings of worthlessness and doubt. Again I say, THE TIME IS NOW. I am going to choose to spend my time wanting and desiring myself, and choosing myself. I see really big and beautiful successes coming my way and it’s time for me to tap into them. I will get back on the blog game, my friends.But for now I am choosing ME. Relaxing at home in Florida is what I choose for today and the rest will follow.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble. 😉






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