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Temporary Feelings

Anything that you are experiencing right now, whether it be good or bad, it will not last forever. Pain is temporary. Happiness is temporary. Grief, relief, sadness, love, all of the feelings that we have are temporary. All of the people and places mold and shape into something different over time. Temporary means something is in the process of passing by, and/or being changed soon. Every moment eventually ends. Some of us understand this more clearly than others based off experience. The only thing that is permanent is the fact that it’s all temporary. This is a concept that myself and others around me don’t come to understand easily, but once you do grasp this, life becomes infinitely simpler and sweeter too. Life is just a series of little moments strung together over time and before we know it we are growing older and then our life ends too. We have on the earth (average) 75 years so why hold on to a person or memory so tightly that you do not take the time to embrace everything else around you?

The way I remind myself to be at peace with knowing that nothing last forever is by trying to honestly enjoy what is happening right here, right now. Stay present. Put your phone down and take notice of everything that surrounds you. I’m beginning to learn how to relax and dive into each fleeting moment instead of focusing on why this can’t happen for another hour or week longer. You should take note of the way the air smells and the sounds of people laughing in the streets. Pay attention to how you are making people feel and how you are feeling most importantly. Since we only have right NOW we might as well do what we can to make these life memories as sweet as possible.

Remember, we make the choice to either reject or rejoice life. I will choose to rejoice this time here on earth. Choosing to be. Be still, be happy, be peaceful and be understanding that people leave and places change. Everyone should chase the opportunity to be fully alive and free and it is not my place to tell someone not to do something, or to feel a certain way. If someone feels a negative emotion I have faith that “this too shall pass.” We all go through tragedies and we have only faced a small percentage of what still lies in front of us. Realize that one bad moment does not define your entire being. Eventually you will feel good again, and then bad again, and then good again. Embrace the fuck out of it. You may feel down now just remember that this is temporary too, moving forward, as the earth rotates and you change you’ll feel something different and better soon too, trust that. Release all of your negative emotions, they are NOT REAL, the only thing that is real is how you feel so I encourage you to choose to embrace temporary emotions of excitement, gratitude, and love.



That is all



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