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Change With the Season

The weather in Colorado is finally starting to warm up again. Yesterday, I was sitting on my patio, no shoes, drinking a beer on a bright and sun-shiny Sunday afternoon. I can finally walk around barefoot, which is a great feeling. The winter snow has started melting off of the mountains, grass is getting greener and the flowers are starting to bloom. The earth is finally beginning to wake up. Therefore, I am choosing to wake up as well. I had been stuck in my own mind for a long time; in this world, dark and cold clouds were constantly surrounding me every day. Negative emotions were taking a toll on me and I couldn’t shake it. Maybe it was because of the situation I was put into or the cold winter weather but regardless of how the emotions settled, they were stuck in my head and for a minute there I was afraid that I wouldn’t get out.

But I, like the trees, change with the seasons. Now that I can go outside, run through the warm air and feel the summer breeze, I am ready to dive into the next adventure. And create more space for myself to thrive and survive. I have much that I want to accomplish this spring and summer season. I want to go camping and see the views out west, snap thousands of beautiful memory photos in my mind. I didn’t do much exploring last summer because I was working a full time job, but this summer I fully intend on taking these two feet out to adventure to the places that are waiting for me. I want to create more blogs for you and for me. I feel like fear settled in heavy this winter and I didn’t write what I wanted to because I was afraid of how others would react to my pieces. But it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that when I write – I am happy, the rest falls into place.

As I sail to the next phase of my life I notice that the seas are calm. I feel like I have been scattered brained most of my life. Always looking for the right answer or chasing down the next thing to do. But right now, I finally feel relaxed. I have validated my ideas and creations. Jordan and Jane’s is a company that is going to expand beautifully and will build me up in the most organic and simplest way. I do not have to run around wondering about what I am going to do next. I trust in myself to make the right choice and give myself the life that I deserve. I’ve always wanted to create something that benefited everyone, and could sustain me. I am well on my way to that. Thank you mother earth for the change of the seasons, and giving me the opportunity to wake back up. I was hibernating for way to long and I am thrilled for all the opportunities to come this summer.




Xoxo stay tuned.


Also follow @jordanandjanes on the Instagram – I am going to be at the Louisville Farmers market this summer on most Saturdays, come support!


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