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My Trip To Thailand

I am always striving to learn something new. You all know this, I do things like moving to a new city, opening my heart, starting a business, or starting a new job. I thrive from diving into really uncomfortable situations. It helps me grow as a woman and as a human being. Creating Jordan and Jane’s has been the best journey I’ve had yet, and I am only working harder to make these dreams come true. Jordan and Jane’s is a lifestyle brand that I am still learning to encompass. A healthy and inspiring lifestyle, one where we indulge in cannabis and other medicinal herbs. We indulge in fruits and vegetables, wine and anything that makes us feel good, really good like down to our bones and our soul. The hemp tea that I have created is just one of the avenues that I believe Jordan and Jane’s will go through but right now it is my favorite chapter and one that I will spend as much time in as needed/possible. I love creating herbal blends, and being in the Colorado community. However, right now I am aching for new points of view. Ever since I was allowed to leave home I have moved to three different cities. In each new place I find a little bit more of myself. I always move, but I do not want to leave Colorado until Jordan and Jane’s is established. I am however still aching to find a fresh perspective and I am really wanting to explore Thailand in the upcoming month. I really truly believe that this trip will lead me right into my next phase. Backpacking through a foreign country will help mold me in the direction that I need to go in and in the direction of Jordan and Jane’s and any other avenues that I choose.

In order to make this shift happen I am putting into the universe that you and someone you know will build this dream with me. Please sponsor my trip to Thailand, I will only be able to make this happen if I receive your help.

Click Here to donate!


I am asking for $150 dollars in exchange:
– I will gift you with four ten packs of Jordan and Jane’s Hemp Tea ($60 dollar value). One of these blends will be an exclusive, not yet published blend, and you will be one of the firsts ever to have this new tea. Yay!
– You and your brand will receive international exposure, I will hand out your business cards or coupon cards to various hostels/ hotels and venues. Limit 100 cards/coupons (I am only taking a backpack remember)
– If you have a product that is travel size (lotion, candle, hat, tshirt, sticker, etc) I will also shout out your brand/company name or product in various popular Thailand destinations on my Jordan and Jane’s Instagram page at least twice during my trip. You have control over your caption but I can make one up for you to, no problem! 
– Also, I will be writing blogs on my personal wordpress account and will give you and your brand shout-outs for being sponsors and being so wonderful and perfect and helping my dream come true!



Please help me get to Thailand. I will only make this happen if I am able to get at least 10 sponsors. Visit my website: and click on the “sponsor me” button to donate. Even if you do not have a brand but you just love me and want to help out please donate. I appreciate all of you so much.



You know when you want something so bad that you already have in your mind that it is happening. That is this trip for me. Not only will Jordan and Jane’s be better for this journey but Jordan Gill will be better and that is what is most important.



I love you all. Thank you in advance for all of your help building this dream with me.




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