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Lessons From My Road Trip

There are so many little and big lessons that you learn when travelling alone on the road. Hands-down this was the best choice that I have made to serve myself. I really stress the importance of carving out time for your own personal road trip. The beginning of this July I made my car into my temporary rental home and headed west toward California. Which I will add now (July) was not the best idea. July is a HOT month. The hottest day I encountered during my journey was 118. YES. 118 Degrees. My trip was six nights on the road and a few nights in an extremely comfortable studio apartment air bnb in Oceanside, CA. Ten total days, and it was the best ten days of my life to-date. *sidenote- when life starts to become a little easier you are headed down the right path.


So… Apparently beautiful things make my cry, a lot. I had burst into tears multiple times during this experience. Someone warned me this would be an emotional experience. I can no longer count on my fingers and toes the number of times my jaw dropped to the floor. I want to describe to you the relief and the happiness that I felt but it may be near impossible. I had an adventure that was 100% centered on what I wanted to do and what made me feel good. Whether you go and explore different countries for six months or head down the street for a weekend camping trip up Canyon, just do something by yourself. Also I want to add that going out of the country for a few weeks with your company is not the road trip I am talking about. If you have to answer to someone while on your trip, I do not think that you will have the same experience. Carve out some time for yourself. Every single person in your life can wait for your help or your attention. Your boss, can wait. Your boyfriend, can wait.  But your BEING cannot wait any longer, she is screaming at you “give me attention and love”, so do it. Maybe I am the only person that needed to intentionally take time away but I know that I am not.  You’ve been there. I stress the importance of a journey alone and here are a few reasons why.


1. You will dig deeper into your own interests. 

With so many hours in your day and no one to answer to, you choose where you wander off too. All of the signage and text that I was drawn too all taught me about the land and the people who lived there before me, how they survived, and how some of the trails were create. So apparently history is a big interest of mine at least in the West. Already I have a tendency to find different stones and rocks while on my hikes and journeys but because of the experiences that I had I now feel called to dig deeper into that knowledge. There was a geology museum in the Grand Canyon and I was all “hoo rah!” I don’t know if I would have acted the same way if I had a group of people with me, maybe I would have but I am glad to have given myself time to be alone regardless. Maybe you take notice that you find it a lot of fun to manage your budget and realized that “oh, numbers don’t actually suck. I love numbers,” you say now. Take notice of what you turn your car around for and where you stop.  You will learn about what you really like and what displeases you.


2. You learn how to manage your own time based on what satisfies YOU and not someone else. 

You can make all of the pit stops that you want to and pit stops are where some of the best magic comes to play. Stay in certain destinations as long or as quick as you desire. Drive as slow or as fast as you please. Stop in the park and listen to some slow jams. Or stop into a store that you otherwise wouldn’t go into if you were with your family or friends. I wrote an itinerary but didn’t follow it completely and that is okay I think. My first night I was supposed to sleep in Glenwood Springs, CO but decided that I wanted to keep driving through the night and my first sleep was in the visitor center in Utah. That wasn’t the plan but that’s what felt the best, the canyons were calling and I had to go.  I wrote this in my journal…

I don’t think I would have made it here if I was waiting on someone else.I am controller. I have the power to mold my life exactly the way that I want it to go and this is a prime example – sitting legs dangled off a canyon as I watch the sun starts to warm us up.



3. If you don’t miss it while you’re gone, you don’t need it when you come back. 

Quickly you gain an understanding of what you prioritize and what you need to be happy. Being alone and away from the distractions of your everyday world you can easily take a step back and be like oh wow, I don’t need ice cream every single day to be satisfied. I can actually just eat canned chili and corn chips for six days and I will still feel good. Okay, that was a silly example but still you get my point and you can apply that to bigger issues. One of my intentions on this trip was to release anything that doesn’t make me feel 100% good all of the time and to move away from what does not serve my highest self. This world is filled with distractions but life is simple.


4. You learn how therapeutic taking a shower is. Dirty girl.

I have heard about the sacristy in bathing and the rituals behind cleaning ones self but you never really appreciate or understand the meaning and beauty in bathing until you don’t bath for a few days in a row and you’re covered in your mother’s dirt from head to toe. I know this is a strange reason to enjoy a road trip, and I am not saying go just to get dirty. But getting dirty is half of the fun. Bathing is washing away all of the nonsense, washing out all of the negative energies that are stuck in your hair and skin. Afterwards, if you pay attention you feel fresh, like a new baby, like a clean slate. Which is exactly what this road trip felt like. A clean slate.


Go on that soul-cation baby, you’ll be glad you did it. I will write on more “stories” about this journey because I experienced so much I cannot write it all in one post. Follow my blog to keep updated. Have a beautiful and productive week my friends! ❤


One thought on “Lessons From My Road Trip

  1. What an interesting experience! This is definitely something on my bucket list. I actually love the freedom that travelling alone gives me.

    Kathrin —

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