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True Validation Comes From Self

You do not need someone else’s permission to feel worthy or beautiful. Your mother does not need to tell you your pretty for you to believe it. No one else is your source of validation. Let me tell you now so that you will never forget. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are all that you need. Mother Earth has taught us this lesson from the beginning of life and it is time that we start to honor that. We are all so powerful but we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the magical and WONDERFUL human beings that we are.

When I traveled around Utah I spent many hours in Canyonlands National Park. I spent the entire day exploring these mystical and captivating canyons by myself. Moab, Utah now holds a very important piece of my heart. I grabbed a map, headed into the park and decided to follow a few marked trails. Every turn I took my eyes widen and my jaw dropped. In complete awe of all this earth has created I journeyed until my feet could not move anymore. As I walked through these canyons the clay rocks and red dirt slid under my feet as I passed by. There was a trail that I was following and eventually it came to an end, but the canyon didn’t end. The journey was NOT over and I could clearly see a beaten path that continued into the mountain that someone else had carved. Someone had graciously stacked rocks all along this trail so that (even though I was already off of the path) I wouldn’t stray too far. I got to a point where I felt like I should stop. There was not much trail left to head into. I was near the end of the cliff. I climbed to the very edge and took a seat. Dark red and rocky canyons surrounding me, engulfing all parts of my being.

Then almost as if it was ‘out of nowhere’, a very clear message came through to me and I began to cry. How have I not learned this before? That’s the beauty about a moment alone. I allowed mother earth to speak to me anyway that she could. What I was able to experience was her saying,


“I love myself and I am going to stay beautiful regardless of if you see me or not”


A flower does not open and close only when they see as a person walk by them. It blooms on its own time and shines bright regardless of who sees it or who doesn’t. If I had never see those Canyons in Utah that day, that view would still be there. It would still be standing beautiful, loved and untouched. Mother Earth, continually, every single day, stands in her own beauty, her own power and her own grace and captivation. And we should be too. No matter who pays attention to you and your journey you should light up every day for yourself and only for yourself. Some people work way too hard to prove themselves to the outside world. Whether they are trying to convince other people of their strength, beauty or whatever it may be, WE can never be fully satisfied unless our source of confidence and validation comes from within. No one else can make you feel worthy except for yourself and no one else is going to do it better than you will.

I am going to try to embody this practice more. Standing in my own light and being authentically myself regardless of what surrounds me. I challenge you to do the same.







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